Monday, 12 November 2007

the report of international campaingn of polytechnic universitys to protest to verdict of the revoloutionary court

peoples struggle for obtaining more humans liberty still continues. but this fight for gaining more radical advantages goes ahead by leaders of the universitys campaigners.the imperial regim of islamic republic which is frightened and weak, by invading to campaigners all around iran,started a new period of suppressing .
in this way,the regim uses all its force ,like pain polices ,security agents ,basij organization and dependent students.
by passing no time from the new yaers of universities,
produced a new wave activity of the protester groups and their axion, and they have become more organised,so ,whith regard to analysing the situation ,the campaigners insist on for having their own independent organization.
every govermental or semi govermental organization which is delegate of the regim ,can not be the campaigners representative.
rigidity of the world imperialism and the regim which opposed to equalism and secular groups while youngsters ,labourer and women by uniting to the campaighners ,showed an alarm to the regim.workers and labourers now ,know their root of their difficultis and problems which they have to struggle for ,so they are prepared for destroying the imperialism totally.
this heavy space in universitis ,cause abuse of some internal and external groups which protect imperialism, influence of ideas which build obsticle in the protesters way ,will not be, for neutrifying ther regim activity ,and for preventing of any deviation from govermantal organization ,its necessary to form a thourou organization by uniting all the protester groups like: women ,workers ,students...
the international liberty company of polytecnic ,for supporting the other independent groups ,and for overturn the unfair verdict agains students,and protest to radical activity of the regim like : attacking to ahvaz university ,arresting yasere goli ,sabbahe nasri and hedaiat ghazali ,and invading to axions , annouce their protest all over the world
our view : the regim must overturn the verdict of student and political prisoners like mahmood salehi,mansoor osanloo ,ebrahim maddadi ,their rights(like having their own society and newspapers ) must not be infringed . the international company opposed to the verdicts of regim courts and invite all the humanright organizations worldwide to protect of political prisoners in iran.

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