Monday, 3 September 2007

Discharging of university masters is condemned

A new wave of discharging of university masters in different university in Iran by their directors aggravated in past few days. Islamic regime wants to prevent protesting of student and people in the beginning of new term of schools and universities. Shariati director of Alameh University just fired 15 university masters. Amid Zanjani in Tehran University did the same thing as last year. Except these pressures they circularized the departments which wants to travel foreign destination must be under security control. At the moment president Ahmadinejad and the other ministers wants to hide this action to protect from protesters.Islamic régime in Iran is extreme poverty and has fear of any protestation in Iran and worldwide. We have to demonstrate against the régime. Teachers and students must demonstrate as a union against these. Security section in university must be removed.Communist youth organization call the students, teachers and university masters to organize a demonstration and protest to these middle-aged barbarities. Writing letters to human right organizations and joining worldwide campaigns against Islamic Republic is the other way to Islamic regimes algebra.Down with Islamic RepublicLong live socialismCommunist youth organization2007-08-25