Saturday, 27 October 2007

Ahmadinezhad's speech at Columbia and peripherals!

I believe those of you who know me even a little bit are well aware of my resentment towards President Ahmadinezhad and against Islamic Republic as a whole; however in my opinion the Columbia chair opening speech was discourteous and belligerent and totally uncalled for in an academic atmosphere. My critics are not about his pointed questions, but the way he smears the questioned person with pungent and unrefined adjectives.And again this question stands out that why whenever west criticizes violation of human rights in Iran, it is constantly concerning persons of interest for them, It looks as though the persons who favor US are the only humans in Iran deserving rights. It is while the Iranian government is typically apprehensive about mistreating such persons fearing a western reaction and they are mostlytreated well in prison (for eg. ref. to multiple reports by Haleh Esfandiari about the favorable prison conditions and the fact that she is granted permission to leave the country before trial while under the allegation as heavy as a "soft revolution"!) The fact is that there are many other political activists in Iran that since they don't favor US and American monopoly, they are almost always neglected in human right criticism against Iran unless for temporary tactical pressures. This hypocrisy about something as basic as human rights which deals with the actual lives of people of iran (rather than denial of a historical event or nuclear ambitions..) is the most objectionable fact about his speech.(again in my mind)