Thursday, 8 November 2007

Another student of polytechnique was arrested!

After the complaint of Ali Rahayi - The Amirkabir university manager-from Babak Zamani, another student of this university, the court to examine his denunciations was held. According to Amirkabir newsletter report, after complaint ofAmirkabir university manager from three captive students, Tavakkoli,Qassaban and Mansuri, and held of their court and pronouncement of long sentences ( for some years) for these three students, we werealerted that Rahayi, with consignment of this student's activitiescase, has complained him too. Babak Zamanian, former in charge of "public-relation of Islamic council" of Amirkabir University, was wrongfully arrested among agroup of bankrupted people, 21 April 2007. Passing some days after his arrestment, with consignment of the caseof his activities to revoloution court by " Amirkabir university safety organization" and the request of university manager he wastransmitted to 209 cell of Evin prison. And retained there, for fourtydays. Simultaneously, Dr Rahayi, in response to harsh critics of students, denied consignment of this student's activity case and request forretaining him in jail. But after release of Babak Zamanian and hold of his court, it becameevident that Alireza Rahayi has been the chief complainer of his case. It worths saying, that Keyhan newspaper, with news exaggeration andpublishing untrue confession qouted from this student, started thescenario of Polytechnique university publication's forging andarrestment of other students. After release, Zamanian denied confessions imputed to him. The courtexamining his denunciations, has announced that the pronouncement willbe announced on 17 December.

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