Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Declaration of Socialist students of Polytechnic University in protesting the issuance of strong decrees against Students

Ahmad Ghasaban, Majid Tavakolli and Ehsan Mansoori, three students from the Polytechnic University, after tolerating 5 months of torture and prison, have been condemned to several years of prison for criticizing the government in the regime’s court of injustice. The strong decrees issued against critical students clearly show the government will to oppress the university as part of the society. The power of universities comes from the critics of students. The despotism always fears criticism. That’s why oppressing the universities has a special place in oppressing the society by the government. Issuance of long prison decrees for active students and oppressing the student’s movement is, no doubt, part of torture, prison and oppression for the Worker’s movement activists, women and teachers.

In such conditions, unity and united struggle of students and their insistence on a radical criticizing of the government and its bases of power, is an obvious necessity. These struggles can only be fruitful only with organizing students as an independent grouping. That’s the only way for the students not to be the puppets of power factions and the victim of their conflict; that’s the only way that they can, with capitalizing on their real power, make the government retreat in face of their demands. It is obvious that a group that in face of struggle for freedom and equality, let go of its principles and stances and, opportunistically (with the excuse of lessening the pressure of the government on university and for realizing the student’s demands) bases itself on the reformists inside the government and backs their interests, is by no means eligible to lead the radical student struggles. This is a truth that has already been proven several years in the recent years of student’s struggles.

Establishing severe strangulation in the society and unrelenting oppression of social liberties has everything to do with the regime’s situation in the international aspect and threats of the World Imperialism. There is no doubt that the question of war is one of the main crises facing us. The capitalist system, in order to realize its forceful interest, in continuation of capital-made wars, does consider attacking Iran and giving the power to a puppet government. The excuse of War with Iran, like the wars before, will be regime’s accesses to nuclear weapons, improving liberal democracy or fighting terrorism. What Iranian people have so called got from the conflict between the world capitalism and political Islam is increasing poverty and wide oppression. Surely war would give us nothing but damage, poverty and misery. In these conditions, opposing any kind of foreign intervention in determining the people’s destiny, exposing the real intentions of Imperialism in attacking the country, exposing the pro-war liberals while fighting the ruling reaction, are all definite duties of militant and aware students. In this way, student’s movement linkage to other liberation movements of the society like the worker’s movement, women’s movement and teacher’s movement is a obvious necessity. The only way for emancipation of the status quo, is awareness of masses of people and their intention to change the status quo and building a human society. And we, in the way to emancipation, have nothing to lose but our chains.

Long Live Freedom and Equality

Socialist students of Polytechnic University

Monday, 12 November 2007

the report of international campaingn of polytechnic universitys to protest to verdict of the revoloutionary court

peoples struggle for obtaining more humans liberty still continues. but this fight for gaining more radical advantages goes ahead by leaders of the universitys campaigners.the imperial regim of islamic republic which is frightened and weak, by invading to campaigners all around iran,started a new period of suppressing .
in this way,the regim uses all its force ,like pain polices ,security agents ,basij organization and dependent students.
by passing no time from the new yaers of universities,
produced a new wave activity of the protester groups and their axion, and they have become more organised,so ,whith regard to analysing the situation ,the campaigners insist on for having their own independent organization.
every govermental or semi govermental organization which is delegate of the regim ,can not be the campaigners representative.
rigidity of the world imperialism and the regim which opposed to equalism and secular groups while youngsters ,labourer and women by uniting to the campaighners ,showed an alarm to the regim.workers and labourers now ,know their root of their difficultis and problems which they have to struggle for ,so they are prepared for destroying the imperialism totally.
this heavy space in universitis ,cause abuse of some internal and external groups which protect imperialism, influence of ideas which build obsticle in the protesters way ,will not be, for neutrifying ther regim activity ,and for preventing of any deviation from govermantal organization ,its necessary to form a thourou organization by uniting all the protester groups like: women ,workers ,students...
the international liberty company of polytecnic ,for supporting the other independent groups ,and for overturn the unfair verdict agains students,and protest to radical activity of the regim like : attacking to ahvaz university ,arresting yasere goli ,sabbahe nasri and hedaiat ghazali ,and invading to axions , annouce their protest all over the world
our view : the regim must overturn the verdict of student and political prisoners like mahmood salehi,mansoor osanloo ,ebrahim maddadi ,their rights(like having their own society and newspapers ) must not be infringed . the international company opposed to the verdicts of regim courts and invite all the humanright organizations worldwide to protect of political prisoners in iran.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Death sentence for a journalist confirmed

Iranian High Court has conformed death sentence for a Adnan Hassanpour
, journalist of Kurdish origin, who had been arrested on 17 July 2007.

Saleh Nikbakht, attorney to the accused has declared that the sentence
was confirmed by the 13th branch of the Court. This is while, death
sentence of Hiwa boutimar, the second Kurdish journalist, which had
been previously violated is being reconsidered.

Mr.Nikbakht has declared the verdict unjust, and emphasized that he
will be challenging the Courts verdict.

Although both journalist have been engaged in news publications such
as the weekly "Aso", (published in two languages , Farsi and Kurdish)
and "Sabze chia" (which covers news on environment and warming), both
journalists- Adnan Hassanpour and Abdolvahed Boutimar (known as Hiwa)
– have been charged for infidelity, which corresponds with arm
struggle in the Islamic state.

The journalists' lawyer has categorically denied the announced charges
as relevant, and has emphasized that the real charges of his clients
are: espionage, disclosing Iranian military installation information
to enemy, helping to escape suspects involved in explosions in Ahwaz
in the South of Iran thorough western Iranian borders, and being in
contact with an official of the US State Department.

Relatives to Adnan Hassanpour and Hiwa Boutimar, have said that the
two journalists have been forced to accept the charges under intense
torture by Intelligence Ministry agents.

Their lawyer has also underlined the fact that he has been prevented
from meeting with his clients.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Another student of polytechnique was arrested!

After the complaint of Ali Rahayi - The Amirkabir university manager-from Babak Zamani, another student of this university, the court to examine his denunciations was held. According to Amirkabir newsletter report, after complaint ofAmirkabir university manager from three captive students, Tavakkoli,Qassaban and Mansuri, and held of their court and pronouncement of long sentences ( for some years) for these three students, we werealerted that Rahayi, with consignment of this student's activitiescase, has complained him too. Babak Zamanian, former in charge of "public-relation of Islamic council" of Amirkabir University, was wrongfully arrested among agroup of bankrupted people, 21 April 2007. Passing some days after his arrestment, with consignment of the caseof his activities to revoloution court by " Amirkabir university safety organization" and the request of university manager he wastransmitted to 209 cell of Evin prison. And retained there, for fourtydays. Simultaneously, Dr Rahayi, in response to harsh critics of students, denied consignment of this student's activity case and request forretaining him in jail. But after release of Babak Zamanian and hold of his court, it becameevident that Alireza Rahayi has been the chief complainer of his case. It worths saying, that Keyhan newspaper, with news exaggeration andpublishing untrue confession qouted from this student, started thescenario of Polytechnique university publication's forging andarrestment of other students. After release, Zamanian denied confessions imputed to him. The courtexamining his denunciations, has announced that the pronouncement willbe announced on 17 December.

pedram raf'ati was arrested!!!

after one week of ignorance of pedram raf'ati,at last,responsibles of "revolousion court" ,upheld the arrestment of this student.acording to the report of "amirkabir newsletter",pedram raf'ati ,student of polythecnique university was arrested for an hour,in the previous week gathery of student in allame tabatabayi university of tehran,wich was held to protest the rule.and authorities after confiscation of his cell_phone,wanted him to consult"the persuit office of information ministry"to retrive it. Responsibles of tehran revoloution cort,have not announced his current place,or any deadline for his release.Obviousely,pedram raf'ati like four other students who where arrested during the last
week,has been transmitted to 209 cell of"EVIN PRISON".In the spring of current year,after forging of four studental publication,eight other students of Amirkabir were transmitted to this cell,(209 cell),and under the savegest tortures to confess crimes,they have never comitted. Ali Azizi,ArmanSedaghati,andPedramraf'ati,threestudentsof"POLYTECHNIQUE"university.Behnam Sepehrmand,student of Tehran University,and Maziar Samiei,student of Allame tabatabayi,were also arrested and transmitted to this cell(209 cell)during recent 10 days

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Announcement No.2

Arrest and summoning of Ahvaz University students continues(for release of Roozbe Rahimi, Javad Alikhani, Mehdi Masoomi, Rayi Nikzad and Javad Tavaloli)After arrest of five students from Chamran University in Ahvaz, Sajad Salman-zade, student of enginnering faculty and in-charge of the banned publication “Alternative” and Mohammad Amin Andalibi, student of veterinary faculty, were summoned to News HQ of the Intelligence on Wedenresay, 25/10/07, and they were released after few hours of questioning. Fateme Farhadi and Zahra Ebrahimi, Students of literature faculty, were also summoned to the News HQ and should be present in the News HQ of Intelligence on Thursday, 26/10/07.After the father of a jailed student (Roozbe Rahimi) went to News HQ of Intelligence and protested the arrest of his son and unresponsiveness of the News HQ, he was harshly attended. This 60-years-old father was arrested for few hours and only released then.It is yet to be cleared that what is the reason for arrest and summoning of these students; the News HQ has only told relatives that the jailed students have done actions against the National Security.Notable thing is that all the arrested and summoned are among Student activists who were active in different cultural and social aspects. So the real aim of these arrests, is the absolute oppression of the university so the circle of oppression can became tighter and tighter. Students, in these circumstances, should more than ever and with most possible solidarity and unity, increase their struggle and resistance against these limitations and aggressions toward student’s rights.We call on all Freedom-lovers and egalitarians to help us to free out imprisoned students.A number of students from Chamran University, Ahvaz
Comonist Youth Organizashion News Center

Court hearing of a Human Right activist lasting 5 minutes

The 13th branch of the so called revolutionary court began hearing the case of Keyvane Rafiee on 4th of November.Mr.Rafiee has been a member of a group supporting political prisoners’ rights and has spent 5 months in solitary confinement since his arrest on 9th July.His hearing was held without the presence of his lawyer and only took 5 minutes to conclude.The so called court announced Mr. Rafiees’ charges as, plotting against national security, taking part in anti government demonstrations and gatherings, in co operation with a political movement.Mr. Rafiee has protested against the procedure of his so called court and has underlined that the charges are baseless and void of any legal basis.The 13th Branch which is presided by Judge Saadat, announced that the final verdict will be announced in a weeks time

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Student arrested after her father got detained

Masoume Mansoori, student from Amir Kabir University, has beendetained on 25 October while a collecting her fathers belongings fromthe public prosecutors' office.Mr. Mansoori had been arrested for ambiguous reasons previously in September.The Mansoori family had approached the Court to inquire about thewhere about of Mr. Mansoori , but had been threatened to be detained.The Iranian Intelligence Ministry had previously telephoned theMansoori family a number of times threatening them to either stopfollowing up Mr. Mansooris' situation or face detention. They werealso threatened not to discuss his arrest with the media.Miss Mansoori had been called 14 days prior to her disappearance bythe Ministry and was threatened not to participate in anydemonstration.Student sources have said her detention has to do with her activitiesin the recent demonstrations.After Miss Mansooris' detention, the Minsitry also called her brotherand told him not to contact anyone about her arrest.They are forced not to ask for the renowned layer Mr.AbdolfattahSoltani , to take-up Mr.Mansooris case.Ten days have passed since the arrest of Miss Mansoori , during whichshe is prevented from contacting her family.Miss Mansoori is suffering from nervous predicaments and her closerelatives have expressed concern over her situation emphasizing thatdiscontinuation of her medical treatment would have grave consequencesfor her.