Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Petition In Manitoba in front of the reactionary of eslamic republic

Dear Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,I am writing on behalf of over 22,000 students at the University of Manitoba regarding the treatment and safety of students in Iran , in particular the arrests of Ehsan Masonry, Ahmad Ghasaban, Majid Sheikhpoor, Majid Tavakoli, Meghdad khalilpoor, and Pouyan Mahmodian. Babak Zamanian.The University of Manitoba Students ’ Union (UMSU) condemns the actions of Iranian Authorities against Iranian students. UMSU condemns the violent actions taken by Iranian Authorities which includes the kidnappings and torture of the students detained. Further, the detention of students involved in the peaceful public demonstration, is unjustified and reprehensible.The University of Manitoba Students ’ Union calls upon the Iranian Government to allow the students immediate access to medical treatment outside of prison, access to family and given access to alawyer . We also urge the Iranian Government to order a judicial review of this case and to release the students immediately and unconditionally if the review finds that they were imprisoned solely on the expression of their held beliefs.The mistreatment of students for standing up for their rights does not go unnoticed by the international community, and I urge you to follow international standards and end the persecution of students and activists.I look forward to you earliest response and immediate action to address the above concerns. Furthermore, I look forward to hearing about the immediate release of the students.Thank you,Sincerely,Garry SranPresident University of Manitoba Students’ UnionLocal 103 Canadian Federation of Students

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