Sunday, 2 December 2007

No Knowledge about the state of the being of an imprisoned student

The Family of Yasser Goli, a student from the city of Sanandaj whom
was arrested in the beginning of October in front of The Sanandaj Azad
University, still do not have any information regarding the state of
the being of their son.

According to Mr. Goli's Brother, Yasser was only allowed to make two
phone calls from prison to his family, both of them limited to only
four minutes. During this calls Yasser was not allowed to mention
anything relating to his detention. Yasser is suffering from heart

Even though Yasser Goli was arrested by the agents of the intelligence
ministry and with the orders of the mayor of Sanandaj, the court of
Sanandaj has still not officially declared on what grounds he was

According to Yasser's brother his family has been maltreated and been
exposed to obscenities while at court. One month after the arrestment
of Yasser, his father referred to the information section of the
intelligence ministry in order to find out about Yasser's condition,
he was arrested at site and imprisoned for six days.

The court has not given permission to Mr. Saleh Nikbakht whom is
legally representing Mr. Yasser Goli, to neither investigate or to
access the files relating to his client; neither had he been allowed
meeting his client.

Mr.Yasser Goli was the preceding chairman of the Kurdish democratic
student association. According to the orders of the intelligence
agency he is deprived of any further academic education.

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